Technology is all around us. From the newest smartphones, laptops and netbooks, to the newest handheld pda which is capable of the same capabilities as pcr on the market today.

­No matter where we turn, a new company is coming around with the "newest", technology, and we, as consumers, always seem to jump right in and purchase whatever they sell us. Many different consumers are brand loyal, especially those Mac and Apple fans, who have had an Apple computer way back when they just came out, and were a giant box, with very few capabilities.

Today, Apple is one of the leading technological producers in the united states, and as a matter of fact, around the world. Offering every product line, starting with laptops and desktop models which are capable of everything and more that a consumer can want and needs, to the newest Ipad and Ipod touch models, allowing users to be on the go, and still be able to listen to all the music, and access the web anywhere.

However, Apple is not the only leading technological producer in the industry and the technological world today. Other companies which are constantly in competition include the Google and the Android based operating system. Always introducing a new product and a new App to keep up with Apple (and the other top competition like Blackberry and the Windows operating system), and trying to take away a market share from the other big names in the industry.

These large competitors keep introducing the latest and greatest technologies, which only ten years ago we never considered we would be seeing in front of us. The technological boom is a great thing for us, the consumers. The large companies: Apple, Blackberry, Windows operating, and Android, among others trying to make a name about themselves, we, the consumers, are the victors in this.

Since we have so many different brands to choose from, we can find the best technology for the best prices, and still get everything we are looking for in our computers, and our handheld devices, which we seem not to be able to live without today. No matter how technologically savvy we become, there is always a new technology coming out in the marketplace, and as consumers, we have come to expect this, and in fact look forward to the new things and technologies which the competition can put forth in the consumer market for us to choose from. So, whatever technologies you are looking for, there is a new technology which will soon be coming out (if it already isn't out in the market) to meet your needs.­

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