Research is a broad term and can be described as looking for knowledge or an investigation that is carried out systematically and aimed at opening up the mind further.

­Most research studies are aimed at establishing a particular fact, provide answers to problems and prove new concepts and theories. Research can be categorized into different stages with the primary stage involving making discoveries and interpretation of the subject on study.

Scientific research

... largely depends on the application of scientific approaches and creating curiosity about the topic in question. This type of research study is aimed at providing theories and explaining nature and the properties found in the world. The scientific approach of research makes it possible to have practical kind of applications. These kinds of studies are funded by different stakeholders such as private groups, public authorities and non governmental organizations.

Artistic research

... is viewed as practice based and takes the form of creative works that are usually the particular object of the study and the research as well. However, it is important to point out that this notion is still under scrutiny. Historical research mainly utilizes ancient methods that were used by previous historians. Notably there are a good number of historical guidelines that can be used to perform historical research. This includes lower and sensual criticism.

Research procedures

Research usually follows a defined step by step approach that encompasses title formation, the hypotheses, the conceptual and theoretical frame work, research objectives and questions, literature review, data collection and analysis, testing and revising of the hypotheses and finally coming up with a conclusion. The hypothesis of the research is based on assumptions which have either to be proved right or wrong by the end of the study. If inconsistencies are detected, the hypothesis is therefore rejected. On the other hand, if the outcome tallies with the projections of the hypotheses, then the study is assumed to have supported the hypotheses. A totally new hypothesis can arise in the course of the research which is aimed at providing more accurate predictions of the study.

Research methods

The main aim of the research procedure is to provide new findings. These procedures can take three different forms which are exploratory, constructive and empirical. The exploratory approach aims at identifying new challenges. The constructive research methods come up with new solutions to the statement problem while the empirical research tests the viability using scientific experiments. Depending on the nature of the research study, varying stakeholders may pick a particular interest on a research proposal and provide the necessary support to conduct the study. Research is an integral part of today's world and hence a lot of time and effort is being spent by different scholars to come up with new findings aimed at increasing the knowledge base.­

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