Education, in the simplest terms, is the act of learning something new. There are many kinds of education and many reasons to get an education.

­People have been learning new things since the beginning of time, but it is thought that formal education like we have today started out in Egypt around 3000 BC. Nowadays, nearly everyone is required to get some type of formal education, and some people opt to spend their lives increasing their knowledge through education.

Most people in the United States are required to go to school. Most start out at age 5 or 6 when they enter into kindergarten (btw. a german word which is translated "childrengarden"). Kindergarten through 5th grade is usually referred to as elementary school, 6th through 8th grade is middle school and 9th through 12th grade is high school. Most people got to school through high school, and there are even laws in place that are geared towards keeping people in school.

There are ways to get out of school early, but most people find it hard to get good employment if they haven't finished high school. Higher education usually refers to some sort of college or technical training that a person attends after they have their high school diploma. Many jobs require their applicants to have a degree in some type of high education.

It is a good idea to have a good idea of what you want to have as a job before you decide on a course of study with higher education. There are many courses of study that may be interesting but may not be able to lead to a good paying job. Even once you leave school, you can continue your education on your own.

There are always new things to learn, so education throughout your lifetime can make your life more rich. It can also help you in your job and if you play trivia games. There are many reasons to continue your education. Education is something that can begin when you are small and continue throughout your whole life. Formal education is thought to have started in Egypt, and now is required for most people when they are young. You can pursue higher education in different forms to learn about things you are interested in and for training for a future job. Education is very important to becoming a well-rounded person and should continue throughout your lifetime.­

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