Software Technology Choices for Email Marketing

There are a wide variety of email marketing tools available on the internet. Here is a list of top software choice you may use...

­­ - is a bulk email sender so you are able to send out thousands at a click. It has a built-in database, templates, personalization and easy to edit and is compatible with FrontPage and Dreamweaver and it also supports images and flash. – is economical and easy to design with survey builder and list manager included. It includes a 20,000 images library, enhanced easy email editor, photo resizing, detailed report and 150 quick start email designs. - is reasonably priced software which manages your contacts, email templates and delivery, creating and sending emails easily, and great for social networking. – manages your marketing data, creates and sends automated messages, analyzes and optimizes your email reaching millions of people. – is an email marketing software that will import your existing contacts, find new email addresses, tracks who opens your emails and clicks on the hyperlinks, social networking tracking and you can also send bulk SMS. This is a powerful email tool. – features 24/7 technical support, HTML editing, spell checker, MS Outlook or Express enhanced, return receipt and priority messages, file attachments, supports foreign languages, tracking who opened/replied or clicked on your website, surveys, sending and composing emails, analytics.

All of the above comes with a free trial and as we all know, you get what you pay for. If you are seeking an advanced marketing tool my suggestion would be downloading and try each one to know which one best suits your marketing campaign. Bulk e-mailers are a great way for your email marketing to reach millions of potential visitors and clients and customers.

It is basically a one click brilliant email with your website and information. How times have changed from the old days in printing and mailing in envelopes through the post office. So go green and use bulk mailer software. It is easy, fast and innovative to reach the world. All the emails are stored for you and you only need to add content. So try one and reach out and touch everywhere in one click.

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